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We’re currently recruiting for three new people: a Content Producer and two Developers. This got me thinking about what I most enjoy about the team I work with and the work we do.

Being the newbie

I’m a relatively new member of the team. I started in January this year on a six-month maternity cover contract. If your maths skills are as good as mine you’ll notice that I’ve now been here for ten months. That’s because my contract was extended, which is great as I get to spend more time working with this team on the major project we call Transition.

This might sound like I’m spinning some sickly, sycophantic yarn, possibly in the hope of another contract extension, but I really do think it’s worth explaining how this team works because it’s not like anywhere I’ve been before.

My background is in book publishing, where I did digital marketing for a few too many years. I then spent a while developing my editorial skills through freelance work and as the web editor for a magazine site in Bristol. You don’t need my full CV, but it’s worth noting that I haven’t come through the ranks of academic content production to get here. Very few of the Content team have.

The team that sits together, ships together

Because I haven’t worked at a university before I've had a lot to learn — so many acronyms, so little time. But the exciting thing has been learning from everyone — the Content team, the developers, and the UX designers. We sit in the same room, which is a first for me, and as a team, we constantly share what we know. There are daily stand-up meetings and fortnightly Show & Tell presentations. We even have dedicated time slots for developing our skills, personally and as a team.

We work in our own interpretation of Agile, which I hadn't done before, but I picked it up really quickly with everyone's help. Working this way keeps us focused and on target as a unit.

We’re all about shipping, so much so that we have a flippin’ dragon that roars every time we make something live. There’s a real sense of team achievement when we ship an improvement for the user. We work hard to get things done, but when it’s 5 o’clock, we go home and we come back fresh the next day.

Best team ever!
(too much?)

As I mentioned, we all come from different backgrounds, so the office is full of interesting people, all of whom are endlessly friendly and ready to chat. I felt instantly welcome when I started and was immediately invited to join a load of Slack channels about comic books, video games, parenting, running, house hunting…

Everyone here is passionate about something, from cooking to travel to films to D&D; we all have something to talk about, something we love beyond our jobs. Being able to share these passions with our colleagues gives us the energy we need to produce great work. We’re here all day, but we don’t have to leave ourselves at home.

This extends to the dress code - of which there is none to speak - although I haven’t really put that to the test yet. Maybe next week I’ll wear my Spider-Man costume and see if anyone minds.

A blue plastic dragon

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