So long, and thanks for all the gifs.

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On Friday 11 November, myself, Tom and Liam will be saying goodbye to the University of Bath.

I will have served for 14 years, 3 months and 13 days. Well, longer than that actually as that's when I started in a permanent position. Initially, I was working at the School of Management on a temp contract.

Tom Natt will have worked here for 12 years 2 months 17 days. His stint at the University is also longer than that figure. He joined as an undergraduate student back in 2001.

Liam McMurray will have done 8 years and 29 days. No gotcha there. That's how long he's been here.

Tom and I are founding members of the team. In the initial incarnation, we worked to an almost agency-like model. We took on projects for clients around the University and received funding for that work. This was because we needed some way of procuring funds for a team that was so new and not yet well established.

Liam joined as the team began to move away from this model. We started to focus attention on the critical parts of our website. Our homepage and our sections on studying saw multiple improvements from this concentration of effort.

Shortly after that, the team adopted Agile working practices based on Scrum. This helped us tremendously in our work. We continually prioritise and organise our work in order to deliver based on our users' needs.

Relatively recently we've embarked on an ambitious programme of transformation of our website. This involves putting our content through an evaluation against user needs. This a crucial basis for how we are transitioning content to our Content Publisher, and away from our legacy CMS.

It is fair to say that since the team's formation we have seen huge changes and improvements. After a very long journey, it feels the right time for the three of us to say goodbye. It is of course with much sadness. There is also a little bit of jealousy as we know that the team will keep improving. It's hard not be a part of it anymore.

The great thing about the Digital team is that, as someone once said, they keep being ambitious.

Posted in: DMC team

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  • Really nice post.

    We're gonna miss you all like crazy, but the awesome stuff you've done for this team and for the University will live on!

  • I...I think I've got something in my eye.

    Lovely post Kelv, wishing all of you the best for the future. And thanks for your all your help these last couple of years.

  • Good luck to all of you in your endeavours. You will be a great loss to the department and Uni.