Worldwide: the journey so far

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Shipping the third edition

Before the Christmas holiday, we launched the latest edition of Worldwide: the end-of-year review. It was the time of the year to look in the rearview mirror and celebrate what Bath has achieved throughout 2016.

The Collection page curates 11 stories covering Bath's achievements in research, student experience and sports, including groundbreaking research projects, Bath athletes' participation at Rio Olympics, how students have fulfilled their dreams, and the celebrations of our 50th Anniversary.

After the launch, we promoted the page and individual stories over the 12 days of Christmas on the University's social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Sina Weibo.

Looking back on the previous editions

Worldwide was born on 3 May 2016 when we launched the very first edition: the South Africa takeover.

The page aggregated content items to showcase Bath’s activities and impact in South Africa. The goal was to send clear messages about how our work in South Africa provided solutions to global environmental and social challenges, empowered future higher education leaders and developed top athletes of tomorrow.

Since this was the first time we have experimented to present the University's internationalisation on the website in this particular way, there was so much to learn throughout the entire production process, from content creation to curation.

Three months later, on 5 August when the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony took place, we launched the second edition covering the Rio Olympics and Brazil takeover.

For this double-themed issue, we highlighted our Olympic hopefuls and demonstrated how the University was working with Brazilian partners to tackle environmental issues, understand the country's corporate governance reform, and strengthen links with industry.

This time, I worked with a wider range of sectors across the campus and produced a larger quantity of content. We also learned from the previous experience and iterated along the way to make the production process more efficient.

Adding a personal touch to the journey

Having been involved in every stage of the production process, I always feel bonded to Worldwide. Now I have to temporarily say goodbye to it as I'm expecting a new addition to my family.

There is no better way than to release a review version before I wrap it up and start my maternity leave.

A big thank you to all the colleagues I've worked with for making this happen. It's been such a pleasure.

I can't wait to deliver other exciting editions in the near future.

Posted in: Beta, Content design, Content Publisher


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