One Hour Upgrade - April 2017 edition

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Although flat-out with sprint work, the team managed to squeeze in a quick One Hour Upgrade before the Easter break.

As it had been less than a month since the last upgrade, I was expecting fewer stories for consideration. As it turns out, I needn't have been concerned - a massive 16 fresh stories were added to the backlog, of which 8 were voted on to the ‘To do’ board.

Once again, pairing on stories was popular - 5 of the 8 stories were tackled by dynamic duos. There were a couple of cross-team partnerships in the mix but we could always do with more.

What was started

  • Tegan and Iris spiced up the deploy screen, adding more at-a-glance info and a fresh new design
  • Justin K spent his hour improving our Trello-based induction board for new developers
  • Rhodri and John worked through the summary paragraphs on our guides, improving consistency and relevance
  • Tom T began the hunt for a good HTML 5 video player for our Wowza live streams

What we got done

  • Dan’s attempt at a simple 'pens and pads' order turned into a clean out of the stationery cupboard. Turns out we have enough post-its to last for a while
  • Hanna and Rhian put together a proof-of-concept screencast for Content Publisher training

What we learned

  • We need to find a way to encourage more cross-team pair-ups for One Hour Upgrade
  • Our current video streaming services are still reliant on Flash
  • We have a lot more stationery than originally thought. We definitely don’t need any more Sharpies

What’s next?

Our next One Hour Upgrade is scheduled for 12 May 2017.

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