A day in the life of a content editor

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This is part of our 'Day in the Life' series for the different roles in the Digital team. If you've ever wondered what our team gets up to on an average day, or what it's like to work in a particular digital discipline, read on.

My day starts with checking our shared editorial calendar. This is a place where people who are creating content across the University share information about what they’re working on so we can coordinate publicity activities on different channels. We used to do this all by email but that meant things could get stuck in people’s individual inboxes or not reach the right person at all. Although not perfect, the editorial calendar has made all our lives easier!

Today there are three new things to promote on the external homepage and our research collection so I’m briefing a Content Producer about prioritising and placing them. After they’ve done their magic, the updates come back to me, or another editor, for a review before we push them live.

I then quickly check my emails to see if there’s anything that needs dealing with urgently or moving to our shared taskboard. Then it’s time for daily standup. In the Content team, we usually have two - one for just the Content team to see where we are with tasks and make a plan for the day. We then have the full team standup where everyone tells about the most important thing they did yesterday, the most important thing they’ve got to do today and if they have any blockers for doing that work.

After standup, I make a coffee.

Today is a Friday which means it’s our content maintenance day. We normally work on specific projects in sprints, but Fridays are a day off sprint dedicated to making business-as-usual changes and updates to our web content. We try to do it all on Fridays but sometimes there are “business critical” things that are fast-tracked and need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

As an Editor, I usually focus on reviewing tasks completed by Content Producers. Today, I’m reviewing small changes to the titles and summaries of our own guidance material. I push the pages live as I go. I make small amends to make sure everything is consistent and in plain English and feed these back to the person who did the original work. After that, it’s more reviews and publishing.

After lunch, I deal with a phone enquiry from a stakeholder. They’ve come across a page on our website that is relevant to their service but they haven’t been involved in creating or publishing. This is not an uncommon occurrence. We have a tonne of content that transcends a single service which, in the past, has resulted in duplicated pages. In our transition project, we’re doing a lot of consolidating and it’s sometimes impossible to include absolutely everyone in the signoff process. So I’m spending a bit of time investigating who has been involved in creating and signing off the page in question so I can resolve the query.

I’m then pulled off content maintenance duties to complete a task spilling out of a sprint I was recently working on. I have to present findings from our user research and discovery to senior management so I need to put together a presentation and book a time to meet with them. This task, punctured with short interruptions to answer questions either in person on Slack, takes me to the end of the day.

And that’s it. Just another day in the life of a Digital Editor at the University of Bath.

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