One Hour Upgrade - May 2017 edition

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The stats

  • 9 eager participants
  • 16 stories added to the backlog
  • 11 stories popular enough to be moved into To-do
  • 7 stories started
  • 2 team-ups this time round, both cross-disciplinary
  • 0 Kinder Eggs

What was started

  • Dan and Suzanna looked at updating our documentation but got bogged down in the fine details of project definitions and domain permission lists
  • Sean and Gabriel took a look at setting up a system of redirects that would allow the content team to find and edit source content from a short URL

What got done

  • Hanna put together a survey to find out how people around the University are using Flow, our editorial calendar tool
  • Tegan finalised candidates for the team’s Slack icon and set up a poll for all team members to choose their favourite
  • Rod F took another bash at trying to sort out the team Google drive and made good progress
  • John sorted out the office absence whiteboard, tidying up the ordering, adding new team members and providing a key for the various icons that adorn the board
  • Iris reviewed Tom T’s previous One Hour Upgrade task to get 'easy' editing via URL up and running

What we learned

  • Good documentation needs a clear aim and an understanding of the audience
  • Not everyone in the team thinks capybaras are cool. I’m not certain how we can fix this 🙁
  • The Google drive needs serious consideration before any rearrangement takes place
  • There are a number of small things that can be done that really do help the content team work faster and more efficiently. We'll continue to work on these in upcoming upgrades

What’s next?

The next One Hour Upgrade is planned for Friday 9th June.

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