One Hour Upgrade - July 2017 edition

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It was a populous One Hour Upgrade session this month; 13 people took part, putting forward a whopping 30 stories for consideration.

After voting we were down to 15 stories in To do, of which 12 were picked up.

It was almost an even split between pair-ups and lone wolves this time round. Eight people chose to work with another team member while the remaining five chose to go it alone.

What was started

  • Rod F reviewed our image style guides and began plotting out the changes needed to bring them up-to-date
  • Craig and Iris made a start on a plan for tearing down old services and products
  • Gabriel looked at mapping data sources for our new course pages and overlaying this info onto a screen grab for easy reference

What got done

  • Dan updated the team birthdays wiki page, making sure all new team members were accounted for. The list was also expanded with star signs and same-day-birthday-celeb info
  • Rod R and Tom D put together a glossary of terms used by the content team on their numerous Trello boards. This should help new content team members get up-to-speed with our processes
  • Tegan and Suzanna ensured that we have a good understanding of accessible colour combinations within our Lens colour palette. They also found a new blue
  • Rhian and Hanna joined forces to map out a revised set of permissions for our Content Publisher application
  • Sean made a small but very popular change to the resource admin screens in the Course Publisher app. He moved the ‘Add new’ button from the bottom of the page to the top
  • Tom T spent an hour looking at sporks. Actually he looked at Spork, a test server for our Ruby applications

What we learnt

  • The window 'boards' are getting a little unwieldy. We need to look at other options for tracking and managing One Hour Upgrade tasks before we block out all light in the office with post-its
  • Hanna proposed a different voting system to see if we can cut down on the proliferation of stories moved into To do with only a single vote. We’ll trial this new system next month and see how it goes

What's next?

The next One Hour Upgrade is scheduled for Friday 4 August.

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