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I joined the Digital Marketing & Communications team 3.5 years ago as a Content Producer. Last year, I began a new role as Junior Developer. And after today, I will be leaving the team and the University for pastures new.

What drew me here was the chance to work with and learn from an experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals. I don't think I could have gotten much luckier on that front, as my mind was immediately blown.

The joy of working in a well-structured sprint, rather than constant fire-fighting. Collaborating with developers, designers, content professionals and subject matter experts. Making decisions and building services based on what our users need, and backing that up with data and research. It was a completely different way of working, and it felt great.

The team has seen a lot of change in the last few years, and it's been fantastic to watch (and help) the website transform from dated and difficult into modern and useful. I've been lucky to get to make some pretty cool stuff, and work with some very talented people (both past and present members of the team).

I'll miss a lot of things about working here, but highlights have included:

  • Show & Tell
  • the Dragon of Deployment
  • group outings to yoga class at the Sports Training Village
  • the team reordering themselves based on outfit colour during standup
  • going for a nice walk in the woods surrounding campus
  • beta badges (I'm particularly proud of my creepy-crawly ones)
  • lunchtime board games
  • the improbable popularity of the custom :gourd: emoji on our team Slack

While it's always sad to say goodbye, I know I'll be taking all the lessons I've learned here on to other jobs. And I'm looking forward to seeing what the team gets up to next.

Fortunately there's still time for one more Schwartz lunch before I go. Thanks, everyone – it's been a blast.

If you'd like to keep in touch (please do!) I'm on Twitter at @iris.

Toy dragon wearing a knitted jumper
The Dragon of Deployment's woolly jumper – my finest One Hour Upgrade contribution.

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