One Hour Upgrade - September 2017 edition

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The stats

  • 11 participants
  • 17 stories added to the OHU backlog
  • 12 stories voted through to To-do
  • 9 stories attempted
  • 2 stories saw cross-disciplinary pair working
  • 1 development environment annihilated

What got done

  • Tegan and Rod F reorganised the various digital Bath logos into a single source, to make finding the right logo a more straightforward task
  • Sean updated the Delete page on Content Publisher to include the URL of each page - this will make deleting pages with shared titles a lot easier to manage
  • Justin K moved the 'New User' button in Content Publisher to the top of the user form, so admins no longer need to scroll past aaaaall of the users in order to add a new one
  • Dan composed a definitive front-end testing checklist to ensure that future reviews are as thorough as possible, pages perform as expected on different browsers and accessibility standards are met
  • Lizz and Gabriel worked on quality of life improvements to Course Publisher by updating how assessment methods are ordered in both the editor and on published course pages

What was started

  • Chris began looking at ways to speed up the test suite for Content Publisher - unfortunately, this work was cut short due to an "unwise upgrade" which resulted in the loss of his development environment - priorities changed at this point
  • Tom T investigated improvements to security aspects of Content Publisher
  • Tom D looked into using the office whiteboard for displaying internal news, release information and upgrades
  • Suzanna began working on a plan to better organise Digital's content on Flickr

What we learnt

  • Not every suggestion made in a Linux terminal should be adhered to
  • It is possible to produce and review small quality of life code changes within one hour

What's next?

The next One Hour Upgrade is scheduled for Friday 27 October.

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