One Hour Upgrade - November 2017 edition

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All change! At the first One Hour Upgrade to be slotted into a new sprint cadence, we took the opportunity to go back to basics. No longer spread across two days, these sessions have reverted to their original format, where we fit both planning and execution into a single day.

There were a few absentees but, despite diminished numbers, the stats were impressive:

  • 12 participants, one of whom had never experienced a One Hour Upgrade before
  • 18 individual stories added to the backlog in the planning session
  • 9 stories were popular enough to be moved to to-do
  • 4 cross-disciplinary pairs and 5 lone wolves *

* Suzanna put her name to two different stories, 1 solo and 1 paired

What was started

  • Lizz and Suzanna took a look at documenting the process of working with Flow, our editorial calendar tool, and re-writing instructions for updating the home page
  • Tom Trentham put on his accept/reject hat and worked through previous OHU stories needing a final review
  • A fresh addition to the team, Jenny started pulling together a glossary of terms used in our content publishing tool, Typecase
  • Justin and Dan started redesigning the shipping dashboard displayed on the office monitor

What got done

  • Tegan applied the latest (and greatest) flexbox styling to the courses landing page
  • Chris sped up our tests by deleting some redundant fixtures. The resulting speed gain was measured in milliseconds but every little counts!
  • Rhian and Suzanna scrutinised the course editor screens, looking for missing or erroneous microcopy
  • Gabriel added some Hollywood glitz to proceedings, pitching a short film documenting the development of Typecase to the Head of Digital, Rich. It went well and the cameras should be rolling soon

What we learned

  • One Hour Upgrade fits nicely into our new sprint cadence
  • People are still struggling to come up with upgrade ideas 'on the spot'. Justin and Dan, the OHU admin team, should actively promote the Trello board for stashing future session ideas

What's next?

The next One Hour Upgrade will take place on Friday 5th January 2018.

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