It takes a tribe

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It takes a tribe to raise a bespoke content publishing platform. I might be misquoting an old Native American proverb, I'm not sure. I do know that I'm lucky to have been part of a brilliant tribe. The Digital team here are incredible and it's a privilege that I have been able to work with them for the last 15 months. I've never worked with a team as talented, passionate and hardworking.
It's a team that cares about making the website and associated platforms better for our users. They have designed, developed and maintain not one but two publishing platforms as well as countless other services. They do it with grace, intelligence, and no little talent.
I'm not going to call out highlights from the last 15 months because, for me,  the only one that matters is that I've been able to work with this team for as long as I have.
So, after 60 triage meetings, countless briefings, 2 student induction cycles, content transition, 700+ story points and more 'ad hoc' meetings than I want to remember it's time to say goodbye.
Thanks, team.  It's been a blast. I'll miss you all.
I'll end with a line of poetry from Milton, mostly because it'll annoy Rosie.
Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.

Posted in: DMC team


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  • *sniff* Bye Craig! You'll be missed, was good to work with you