It has been a busy few weeks for the Digital team and other colleagues from across the University. This quarter we shipped the following:

Get to departments, services and facilities quickly

Based on your feedback we’ve launched a new 'Departments' section, making it easier to get to the information you need when you need it. The new section works on computers and mobile phones and organises departments by category.

You can now navigate to every academic department, research institute and centre, as well as a professional service or campus facility from any page on the website. You can do this by selecting the 'Departments' link from the global navigation, reducing the time it takes to find things.

Rolling out the new campaign template

In March we began working with the Student Marketing Team to relaunch our student recruitment campaign pages using the new ‘Campaign’ template. The goal was to further enhance undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment efforts for the 2019 and 2020 cycle.

The design features a new modern look and feel, with improved typography and layout. The template gives users the ability to add a hero image and embed new multi-media elements, including audio, video and 360-degree tours

New version vs. old version

Undergraduate international student recruitment

Working with the Undergraduate Student Recruitment team we've launched a ‘Campaign’ page in support of tactical activity to increase undergraduate international student conversion

The new campaign page features images of student ambassadors with a short biography and email address. Applicants can now contact a student ambassador to find out what it's like to live and study at Bath.

Undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses

In March we worked with the Student Marketing team to use Google Optimize for a split A/B test of course pages. The goal was to identify the most effective method for capturing lead information. Lead capture is a vital step in converting prospects to applicants.

Visitors to the website were served two different versions of a taught postgraduate course page at random. The first version directed people to register their interest using a separate form on a different page. The second allowed people to register their interest without leaving the course page.

We identified the most effective method for gathering leads in this context was to embed the form directly on the course page.

New requirements

If our existing products don’t currently support your digital marketing and communications needs, please email Richard Prowse, Head of Digital, at or phone him on extension 6022 for a chat.


If you have feedback about something that isn't working or content that is out of date, you can fill out the 'Suggest an improvement' form, which you can find at the bottom of every webpage.

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