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This first month has gone really quickly and I have been very busy.  The modules have stepped up a level and Adam and I have a fair amount of coursework on the go.

Teaching & Education

I am aware that I did not expand on this in the previous post. The lecture structure is different to that at Bath. Each module has an assigned 4hour block, 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm. I am unlucky that I have 8am's every morning except Tuesdays, resulting in a 6am wake up. The lecture period consists of two hours teaching and two hours tutorial/coursework. Most lectures we have to present work from the previous weeks work to the others in the class or present the tutorial to the lecturer for review.

We are expected to work about 40hours a week, so generally I have lectures at 8am-12pm and work until 6pm in the library. The work load and level is little higher than that at Bath, however sometimes it is really difficult to try and work out what the lecturer is asking for in questions and coursework.

I would say the most difficult module I am undertaking is Water Resources Management, it is a mainly matlab course at a higher level that what I have previously completed at Bath. Having said that, there are many on the course who had never even opened matlab.

Yesterday I went on a field trip at ARC or Amager Bakke, a waste incinerator on the outskirts of Copenhagen. We went around the plant and then visited the new plant being constructed. The plant receives most of the unrecycled waste from the surrounding communities of Copenhagen and burns the waste to produce energy and district heating to the city. The new plant features a new incinerator with a ski slope on the roof and a climbing wall up the side (the highest in Europe), it is also much more 'environmentally friendly' than the current plant. See pictures below.





Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 10.03.46

Extra Curricular

I have joined the rugby club as it is one of the few clubs that appealed to me. The university offers; sailing, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, rock climbing and scuba diving. I joined the rugby club, having not played for many years, to be part of a team and to meet others outside of the course. I have been selected for the 1st XV and have my first match this weekend. There is a social most weeks which revolves around the Rugby World Cup at the moment. The club is made up of students and professionals in Copenhagen and other Universities.

Social Events

Every week there are parties on campus. At the start of term we had Sensommerfest, this party by my terms was massive, filling six marquees and five surrounding bars and over 1000 students, costing only £2. There was a bar crawl around campus before the party. There are about 15 bars on campus, each department building has a bar run by the students, all serving cheap drinks, 4øl for £3.

The Sunday after Sensommerfest, a group of us from our buddy group took part in the Nordic equivalent of Tough Mudder, Nordic Race. It was a 5km race, mostly swimming in rivers and the sea and running on the beach. It was fairly tough as the weather was poor and the North Sea was freezing! We took a while to get round the course however we did come in the top 40%.

Last week was Oktoberfest and Trappe. Trappe was an event outside one of the buildings which had 40 steps. Every step you had to drink a beer (this is an official event)(see picture below). It was then a race up the stairs, a groups of students took part in the event, in total there were 400 students who took part. I went to Oktoberfest instead where they were serving 50p pints.



The slightly strange thing about the events here is that they are all in the department, not a nightclub or the equivalent of The Plug/Tub. So Oktoberfest was in the Civil Engineering department with over 1000 students  partying in the equivalent of the crit room (a much larger room was needed clearly).

Less about parties/drinking, we are working hard!!

I think thats most of it! We are still having a bit of fun sorting out our accommodation but we are slowly making progress!

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