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I think it would only be correct to write an overall summary of being a part of an exchange scheme. I would say overall I had a excellent time, I made some great friends and learnt a lot whilst at the University. Although I complained quite a bit about the accommodation, it was quite poor, it was however good to live in college dormitory with my friends, probably the main reason I stayed. It is nice to live with thirty or so friends and a chance to create a friends group. One of my concerns moving to Denmark was that it would be difficult to make friends but this definitely was not the case and was assisted by the living. It’s probably worth pointing out, I did not meet a single English person at the University. There were a few, maybe three, in the rugby club. There are a lot of Spanish, Germans and Norwegians, and Danish (obviously), but they are all good fun and friendly none the less.

However, a few negatives whilst being on exchange. I had zero grasp of the language, I tried but failed.  The language is not too hard to read but to speak is incredibly difficult. I would try and say the basics but it would result in a volley of Danish back and I would have to say ‘Sorry, I can only speak English’. Although not a huge problem as every Dane I met spoke perfect English, I could not understand anything going on around me, which feels a little strange for six months. The other slight negative is that the exchange is in the final year, it is worth quite a lot of to my overall degree and is quite a risk. I ‘think’ I have good grades overall but we shall see in due course. Overall this means that you do actually have to work and work quite hard at that. I would describe the work load similar to second semester third year.

I thought it would be good to briefly talk about some misconceptions. Everyone I spoke to before coming out here said either ‘the weather is awful’ or ‘its very expensive’. Yes it is expensive, the prices are similar to Bath or London. However, careful budgeting should deal with this just fine. On a side note, I am writing this post on my flight back to England, the flight cost 39dkk (£3.90!!) (standard airfare), so at least the international transport is cheap. The weather being awful is not exactly true. I would generally say the weather is better than in England. There are long periods of clear skies and sunny weather, followed by shorter periods of bad weather. However, when it does rain, it really rains. Equally, January was cold, lows of -15deg at night and -10deg during the day. This meant that we got a lot of snow!

With respect to the teaching at DTU, it is a little hit and miss. Some lecturers are great and are always willing to help and spend extra time trying to help. Some are less so. The content of lectures are a little different, with most lectures requiring a lot of pre-reading in order for the lecture to make sense. Also, it is probably worth mentioning that what you expect in a course from the course description is not the same as what is taught or the style of teaching. This can make starting at the University a little confusing.

In conclusion, I would say if you are willing to try out something a bit different to Bath, meet new people, live in an amazing city and cycle a lot (!) I would highly recommend the exchange. Please read the previous posts as they give more of an idea about the teaching and learning. Sorry I did not post more! If you want more information about my experience living abroad please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is or social media. I hope these posts helped!


End of Exchange - Final Day
End of Exchange - Final Day

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