Getting your message on our foyer TV screens

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The University's internal digital signage system is a great way to raise awareness of events, opportunities, PGR projects, and student activities - plus is saves printing costs and the environment too!

How the system works in our Faculty

Our TV screens in the foyers of 6 East, 4 East, 2 East, 9 West and on each floor in 4 East South all run on the OneLan content management system. This means each screen plays various folders containing departmental, faculty and university-wide content.

The Department Offices all have access to a departmental folder that only plays in their respective foyers and a shared faculty folder that shows across all our screens. The Faculty Marketing & Web Team has more extensive access and extra folders so that we can play around a bit more with what's displayed and when. There's also a university-wide folder that displays across campus managed by the Internal Communications Team. AV provide technical support to all of us.

Getting your content on the big screen

  1. Download a Faculty PowerPoint template from the Marketing & Web Team wiki page or follow these instructions from the Internal Communications Team to open a University PowerPoint template. Alternatively you can design your own slide from scratch.
  2. Edit the template and then export this as a JPEG (if your content is time specific, save the date the slide can be removed within the file name).
  3. Email the slide to your Department Office (you can also email if you think your content is of interest to the whole of campus).

You can then use your side on Facebook and Twitter to further promote your message.

Some Faculty template examples

Designing your own slide

If you don't want to use the templates then you can create a slide from scratch, but it must be 1518 x 853 (16:9 ratio). Definitely no portrait A4 PDFs!  Slides show for 7 seconds at a time so don't overload yours with too much information. Keep it simple: one image, a headline, a strapline and 1-2 sentences of further details.

There's no need for a logo, but you might want to check the university's brand colours and use Arial font (stay above 24pt). If you want to include a hyperlink try shortening the URL by using an online tool like Bitly (this will also track the number of hits you get).

More than just static content

Our screens are also a great place to show short films (under 45 seconds or the file size will be too large) and animations that don't require sound. With AV support we could also look into live streaming high profile events.

The system has been set up at a central level to be the easiest to use for the most amount of people, so this limits us to a certain extent on what we can do with our screens (especially when it comes to scheduling content), but things are always evolving...and suggestions are always welcome.

Posted in: Staff insight, Top tips