During the past summer I had the opportunity to intern at the prestigious House of Commons and also at an AI-startup called Dragonfly.


I didn't have much experience on my CV and during first year I knew to increase my chances of securing a top placement I needed some. Thanks to the Gold Scholarship Opportunity Fund I was able to do just that. Through asking around and sending emails to employers I managed to secure two experiences, one in the House of Commons and as a Data Analyst.

I knew these experiences would be highly beneficial since they would allow me to conduct research, network with others and perform analysis on a wide range of areas.

This was great news, however I was based in North Wales and the location was an issue. I really didn’t want to miss out on these opportunities so I decided to apply for the Opportunity Fund. This fund was truly helpful and can help with anything from transport, accommodation to food expenses. It is in no doubt without this fund, I wouldn’t have been able to have taken part in these experiences.

House of Commons

After exams I started my transformative week-long placement in the House of Commons where IModel of Houses of Commons had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the world of politics and governance. Although my heart is set on a career in the tech industry, this experience has undoubtedly enriched my skill set and broadened my horizons. I had the privilege of delving into the inner workings of Parliament and the House of Lords, enriching my understanding of our democratic processes and reinforcing my belief in the power of active citizenship.

Throughout the week, I enjoyed and thrived engaging in various activities and tasks, allowing me to improve various skills including critical thinking and communication.

I had the honour of attending a thought-provoking debate on education, witnessing first hand the discussions that shape policies affecting the lives of countless individuals. Furthermore, I delved into in-depth research on the Renters Reform Bill to assist a constituent, sharpening my research skills and reinforcing my commitment to helping others.

Immersing myself further, I participated in a riveting debate on the regulation and future of cryptocurrency, an area where technology and finance converge. In addition, I attended a captivating talk on the UK Parliamentarians' Initiative for Iran, deepening my understanding of international affairs. To expand my knowledge, I undertook comprehensive research on the United Arab Emirates and China, gaining valuable insights into global dynamics.

A highlight of my placement was attending the prestigious Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs), witnessing the lively exchange of ideas and concerns that drive our nation's decision-making process. Building on my passion for technology, I channelled my thoughts into an essay exploring the need for regulation in the field of Artificial Intelligence while leveraging the potential of AI itself, illustrating my ability to synthesise complex concepts.

Houses of Commons buildingI also composed a letter to the Welsh Education minister, shedding light on the issues plaguing the education system in North Wales, and provided advice on potential improvements. Additionally, I undertook research on the proportional representation electorate system, broadening my understanding of democratic structures.

To showcase my commitment to social responsibility, I composed a thoughtful response letter to a charity, addressing a situation they had raised and highlighting potential solutions. Moreover, I examined comprehensive research on the economic landscape in the UK post-Brexit, gaining insights into governmental initiatives and strategies.

In addition, I had the privilege of exploring the inner workings of the House of Lords and understanding the importance of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


My next experience was Dragonfly.

If you did not know, this company specialises in analysing and interpreting audience reactions to films, utilising AI technology to unlock the full potential of the industry. This invaluable opportunity would not have been possible without the transformative capabilities of AI and I was extremely excited to gain experience with this technology.

Here I gained experience as a Data Analyst, drastically improving my experience in data analysis.

This experience was more technical and was heavily suited with my degree and prepared me forInside building my placement applications. I evaluated intricate datasets composed of thousands of data points and enhanced clients' business models.

Moreover, I gained experience with databases and restructuring them to allow for analysis of larger datasets and also presenting my findings to my peers, improving my collaboration skills.

My findings during this were also presented to their client which I was immensely proud of.


I've been able to participate in these incredible experiences that would have been otherwise inaccessible to me. I strongly urge all Gold Scholars to consider applying to the Opportunity Fund. Find out more in the Gold Scholarship Teams channel.

Finally, I have to thank the donors for all their support not only with the Opportunity Fund but with the whole Gold Scholarship as a whole too. I look forward to seeing this year’s Gold events.

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  • Great to hear about your summer Alfie, and glad to see the Opportunity Fund unlocking experiences that will undoubtedly help in your career going forward!