A different type of diversity

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Diversity, in the legal sense, tends to revolve around what are known as protected characteristics (gender, religion, sexuality etc.) and in my opinion society is now much healthier for this recognition. However, one of the nice things about being HR Director is that I get to take a macro look at the workforce at the University. So I thought that I would share some of my findings which, for no reason I can adequately explain, I found mildly interesting. Deeper social insights welcome.

  • Among our employees there are 587 different female forenames. That is an average of 2.6 employees per forename. The most common are Sarah, Emma, Elizabeth, Alison and Susan.
  • There is less diversity in male names - 533 at 3 employees per forename. The most common are Christopher, Andrew, David, Stephen and James.
  • There are 2214 different surnames - 1.4 employees per surname. The most common are Jones, Williams, Evans, Smith, Taylor, Lewis, Brown, Martin and Harris.
  • The most common birthday is 24 May, with 19 people sharing this  (which always remind me of this maths problem). 16 people each share 15 Sep, 10 Mar and 10 Apr.
  • Our employees claim 69 different nationalities. Among the 23% who aren't British, the most common are Polish, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

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