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The summer season has arrived and the nature of the University has changed for a couple of months – another new experience for me. While the media rejuvenates their ‘silly season’ stories, here’s a few thoughts, none of which really warrant a full blog…..

At 07.10 this morning, as I was heading off to catch a train for London, my wife started a conversation about trans-personal consciousness and wave-particle duality. She is a Minister of Religion, not a psychologist or physicist, but its interesting to see how academic fields are crossing boundaries even more than ever. I suggested that Schrodinger’s cat needed feeding and hurried out of the door.

I changed my car recently and am enjoying having a SatNav for the first time. I’m still excited enough to use it for my journey to work each day, and press the buttons which say “Favourites”, then “University of Bath”. It reminds me that this is somewhere I have chosen to come and work; that we spend so much of our lives ‘at work’ that its really important to find something we enjoy doing. You can make up your own minds about what sort of person enjoys being an HR Director.

How does our work environment affect our performance and enjoyment of what we do? The HR team still sit in breeze-block cells behind grey doors on an ill-lit corridor. Yet today I’m working online on a train using my phone as a WiFi hub (which is starting to get very warm in my pocket). Much of our work is still focussed around offices, desks and desktop PCs and I am keen to explore new ways of using space to improve the way we work. I would welcome the opportunity to visit any parts of the University you think work really well.

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