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So this blog could be a cry for optimism in the dystopian, post-truth, alternative factoid future being presented in most of the media. But its actually far more literal. As I walked across an icy car park this morning I glanced up to the clear sky to see that someone had scribbled across it. The most amazing contrail, which was linear at one end, following the line of the aircraft, but had broken into dashes, each of which was starting to bend and twist the further it was down the line. Scientifically I suspect that its something to do with vortices, vapour pressures, shear and stuff like that, but aesthetically it was very uplifting. Did the pilot know what impact he/she was having?

And there's more. While watching the contrail with a colleague, we then spotted a drone hovering over 9 West. It was probably doing something quite prosaic such as taking pictures to support the building work, but who knows? While we may have started taking the technology for granted, as observers we couldn't determine its intent - a useful tool for the construction industry or something more sinister and intelligent?

Given the fog down in the valleys which made today's journey to work rather less joyful, it was real pleasure to climb out of the gloom (both meteorological and on Radio 4) up the hill to the University, and be entertained by looking up.


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