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Amongst the images of cats who look like Donald Trump and cardboard boxes which look like David Cameron (yes, really) we now have a presence on the internet, and specifically within our University web-pages.

There are two documents which might be of interest. Firstly, a report on the focus groups and survey we carried out during February. With over 2500 comments and 100 sheets of flipchart paper, I am really grateful to Rachel Armstrong from HR who spent a lot of time helping analyse everything you said. Anything you disagree with in the document is my responsibility but I hope that readers feel that it is a balanced summary. I do expect candidates to read it, to get a good idea of the opportunities at the University. More importantly at this stage, it will provide a significant input to the Committee on the Office of Vice-Chancellor in defining the job description and person specification against which we will recruit.

And that brings me to the second document, the recruitment process.  Over the next four months we, and potential candidates for the role, will proceed along a path towards finding who will be our next Vice-Chancellor. 'Path' analogies always give me plenty of opportunity to have fun with puddles, diversions and people straying from the marked route, but hopefully the hurdles will be few and easily surmountable. One of the key events in this recruitment process will be the meetings in July between the shortlisted candidates and members of the University. A chance for them to see what we are really like and for us to start picturing people in the role. One of my next tasks is to start planning these events; the Crystal Maze seems like a good pattern from which to start!


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