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If you type “Leadership” into Amazon, it says “1-16 of over 100,000 results”. In 2015, it was calculated that books on leadership were being published at over four per day. And that’s just those in the English language. It has become a real growth area in the last few decades and there are no shortage of books, development programmes and experts telling you how to be a leader. That can be pretty daunting for anyone, particularly if you are just embarking on a new role where you are expected to be a ‘leader’.

Learn to Love Leadership (3L) is the banner under which we are launching two new development programmes aimed at helping you learn, explore and navigate your way through the skills you need to be a leader. These will be very practical programmes which, over 18-24 months will help you gain a recognised leadership qualification. The programme will be a cocktail of coaching, classroom-based learning and project work tailored to your needs, but probably most importantly, you will go on this journey with others also looking to learn. And often those shared experiences – positive and not so positive – are the best way to develop.

Having skilled leaders is really important as we continue to develop as a University. Working with a good leader can be more enjoyable and help teams achieve more than they ever expected. And being a leader who makes that happen brings with it a great deal of satisfaction. Leadership involves a whole range of skills which can all be learnt and improved. These development programmes offer a real opportunity, and a real investment by the University, in building those skills. I do hope that many of you will take this opportunity and learn to love leadership. (We might even get some 3L badges produced for the alumni)

If you want more information on these programmes, Abi Lyons in HR is the person to speak to.


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  • I am interested in the Learn to Love Leadership (3L) course advertised. It wil help me tremendously in my role.

    • Keir - if you get in touch with Abi Lyons, she has more information. Thanks for the interest. Richard