Climate change public engagement ambassadorship

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This post is from Climate Outreach who are looking to fund researchers to be public engagement ambassadors for climate change.

At Climate Outreach, we support academic experts to engage people everywhere - from school children to policymakers - with climate change. Our Ambassadorship programme will give you a solid grounding in the social science principles that underpin effective communication. No opinions. No assumptions. Just the evidence about what works.

Step 1 Training.

Our full-day workshop is designed to give you a balance of social science theory and group discussion about the practical realities of navigating public discourse as an expert. You’ll learn the tools and techniques to feel confident connecting with your audience, while retaining your credibility and objectivity as a scientist at all times.

Step 2 Tailored support.

You’ll get a personalised mix of 1 to 1s, access to resources. peer-to-peer practice and mentorship. We’ll work with you to find your comfort zone. We’ll keep working with you until you feel confident about your next speaking event. We’ll fit sessions around your commitments and provide ad-hoc support when you need it.

Step 3 Local event.

We’ll work with you to identify a speaking event in your community to participate in - then we’ll help you prepare for it. Or if you have your own connections and an event in mind, we can design your training and timeline around it from the outset.

Afterwards, we’ll help you evaluate how it went and what worked well for your audience. If you’re interested in becoming a public engagement ambassador, we have some fully-funded places available. Email for more information.

Dr Roz Pidcock is the Senior Programme Lead for Science Communication at Climate Outreach. She is responsible for deepening our links with the global climate science community, developing research opportunities and delivering strategic communications training and advice. Roz has a PhD in oceanography and was previously Head of Communications for Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Deputy Editor of Carbon Brief, a specialist climate change news and analysis organisation.

Rob Cooper is a Public Engagement Officer.

Posted in: Doing Public Engagement, Learning and Training


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