Images of Research 2023 - Partnerships Category

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Entries in the Partnerships category of the Images of Research 2023 competition.

Spontaneous flora growing at the base of a tree in a street.
Understanding weed dynamics in cities


Rear view of a sport coach instructing a participant in a boxing gymnasium standing side-by-side
Changing Lives: Enhancing Employability Through Sport


Shown in this image are the crystal structures of two miniature antibodies (in orange and magenta) isolated from cow antibodies (shown in black and white) in complex with human immune protein complement C5 (shown in steel- and light blue), an important drug target for inflammatory diseases, including severe COVID-19.
Cow antibodies as new treatments for inflammation


Seven photos surrounded by a collage of artwork. Three of the pictures show children doing water experiments; one picture shows the children making artwork; three of the pictures show children holding their artwork. The children's artwork collage surrounding these pictures features colourful drawings of trees, rivers and children.
Strengthening the roots of urban agriculture


Older Caucasian gentleman playing table tennis in a community setting. Couple from Chinese community playing doubles table tennis in the background.
Fair play - research for everyone!


A silhouette of an asylum seeker playing his guitar inside a dark hotel room, with the colourful outside view behind.
We are human, each one different

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