Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

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I am delighted to announce the establishment of a new Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) under the academic leadership of Professor Andrew Heath.

Professor Andrew Heath has been appointed Academic Director of the CLT for three years

The CLT replaces the current Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO) as an academically-led central department that will be pro-active in its support for excellence in learning and teaching.

Our new Education Strategy highlights the need to embrace the opportunities of the changing higher education environment, challenging ourselves to think creatively about how we deliver excellence in education.

By working in partnership with staff and students, the CLT will play a central role in transforming our approaches to learning and teaching, strengthening work in key areas including curriculum development and student engagement.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching will come into effect on Monday 26 September with Professor Andrew Heath as Academic Director for an initial three-year period. Professor Heath has just completed a highly successful term as Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the Faculty of Engineering and Design and will continue his active research in the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering while leading the CLT.

On the same day, the main functions and staffing of the Student Learning and Quality (SLEQ) team will become part of the Academic Registry. This puts us in a good position to reassess our regulatory frameworks and our approach to quality assurance.

Together, these changes will help to ensure our education, particularly our curricula and assessment, continues to be both high quality and sustainable. You will be hearing more about these exciting opportunities and ambitious initiatives soon.

For now, I hope you will join me in congratulating Andrew on this new position and in welcoming the CLT as a key partner in ensuring continued excellence in education as we move forward into our 50th anniversary year.

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