Why a picture paints a thousand words

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From the finals of the Three Minute Thesis back in March through to the latest exhibition currently on display in The Edge ‘Images of Research’, there’s a clear thread running through the kinds of engagement and dissemination activities our researchers are involved in.

How do you summarise a PhD thesis with just one short, three minute pitch and one slide? What image could represent your research and do so in a way that’s captivating and alluring, enticing someone to want to find out more about your work and why it matters?

If you haven’t been to The Edge yet to look at the 50 Images of Research entries for 2016 I’d heartily encourage you to do so. This year’s entries, the highest number ever received from 14 departments and right across the academic spectrum really are some of the best yet.

Members of the public explore our research via the 'Images of Research' exhibition on display at The Edge.

For me, the competition which is organised by our Public Engagement Unit and challenges researchers to summarise their work with one single image and some short summary text, is an excellent way of getting us to all think about research in different ways. What’s more, for anyone passing through the Edge you can’t fail to be wowed by the sheer breadth of research topics that we’re involved in.

Looking beyond the entries that won, be it Ceri Brown’s ‘No place for child’s play’ - an image of young people skating around a 14th Century monetary reflecting the role of space and place in shaping childhood experiences - or Alistair Marsh’s ‘What your house says about you’ - on the choices confronting a poor family in a developing country about which materials to choose when building a house – there are some real gems that reflect both this breadth and diversity of our research.

Some of the comments about our Images of Research on display in The Edge.
Some of the comments about our Images of Research on display in The Edge.

‘Images of Research’ remains on display at The Edge until Tuesday 24 May and you can still vote for the winner of the public’s choice award. Hope you get to see the exhibition while it’s still on campus.

Find out more here - http://www.bath.ac.uk/research/images-of-research/

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