Location: El Puerto de Santa María, España.                                                                                     Day 87

On your Open Day, you are woo’d by it and with that; you apply to do Modern Languages. In your first year, you start mentally planning what exotic places you’ll go to and all the cool things you’ll do. In your second year, you become tired of writing CVs in multiple languages and organising interviews, wishing someone would just offer you a job. Then in your third year, it becomes your reality. You are finally on your YEAR ABROAD.

Hiya, I’m Poppy and I study Spanish, ab initio Italian and European Studies. I have been on placement for nearly three months now and it has been a whirlwind of fun, the unknown and becoming accustomed to la cultura española. I really should have started blogging earlier but I've got another 9 months to catch up.

I have fallen in love with life and everything it has to offer since moving to the gem that is El Puerto de Santa María. A charming beach town in Andalusia, it is where the Spanish go on holiday and the home to Sherry making. All my initial worries and irrational fears about my placement have melted away and left an eager sangria-induced excitement to learn and do as much as possible in the six months that I'm in Spain.  I'm trying as hard as possible to say YES to everything and so far it has been the best decision I've made. I´ve met the coolest people from all walks of life and there is still plenty of time to meet more. It is so hard not to speak in clichés when everything is hullabaloo but I am having the time of my life.


Visits to Cádiz and Córdoba

There has only been one point when I truly felt lonely but that was because I didn't actually have any friends. My solution, I made friends. It's amazing how little effort it takes to make friends, especially through word of mouth and joining clubs or societies. A colleague mentioned this weekly speaking exchange at a bar where Spaniards speak in English and foreigners speak in Spanish. I go there every Thursday, speak the ol'español and have made numerous pals. I'm sure life isn't supposed to be this easy but then maybe it is. I think uni life sometimes fuzzes the edges of real life and I have overlooked many of the opportunities that Bath offers. I can worry about that when I return whereas now it's just me in the south of Spain ‘adulting’- the verb of being a adult and doing adult things (not to confuse with adultering because that's something completely different...)

Perhaps I am naïve thinking that nothing will stop me, yet it could also be this naivety that will teach me some life lessons in due course- what´s the worst that can happen?


Thursday fun and a day trip to Tarifa, the 2016 best beach in Spain.

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