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Right at the start of Semester 1, each Gold Scholar was given a calendar outlining the various events throughout the year. One that caused lots of discussion was the "Away Day" in London scheduled for February... the time has finally come and, until we arrived in London, we still weren't really sure what the day would entail!

We each had to make our own way to  Pall Mall in London, where the University of Bath has a building (who knew?). Although I’ve been to London a fair few times, I’ve never travelled there on my own. Most of the other scholars arranged to travel up in groups but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, so I went on my own. Thankfully it was a straightforward journey - the train to Paddington, then a few tube stops and you were there. I got off the tube a couple of stops early and walked so I could see the sights and take some photos!

We arrived to have lunch waiting for us and then we were given the briefing for the day... Organised by Wild Goose, the activity was essentially a huge treasure hunt across the city. There were various challenges to complete, each set at specific locations in Westminster. We split off into groups and each group was given an iPad - this would track our location and unlock activities to do when we reached certain points on the map.

Some of the activities we completed included filming a David Attenborough style clip in St James Park, recreating Prince William's proposal and recreating the poses of the statues outside the Houses of Parliament. There were lots of trivia questions too. It was definitely a laugh, and a great opportunity to really get to know the other Gold Scholars in my group.

The overall idea was to complete as many challenges as possible to gain points. Each group also had a team mascot (ours was a rubber duck... Bath has a thing about ducks) and a golden ticket that said Gold Scholarship programme - we could gain bonus points for including these in any photos and videos we took.

When our time was up, we headed back to Pall Mall to tally up our points and crown a winner. My group came second, which I thought was pretty good! But then again, you could say that second is the first to lose...

We had a bit of time to relax before ending the day with a lovely meal in Pizza Express, conveniently located opposite the train station, and travelling back to Bath.

Posted in: First year, Gold Scholarship Programme


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