Education Awards 2018

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Earlier this year, I wrote a post about being an academic representative for my course. This week, I got to attend the Education Awards as a 'thank you' for my work as a rep.

The Education Awards is a ceremony hosted by the university and the Student's Union to celebrate the work that staff and academic reps have done over the year. Various awards are up for grabs, but if you're like me, you just attend for the free food and the opportunity to wear a pretty dress!

It was held at a fancy hotel in the centre of Bath and the night began with a drinks reception. There were a couple of speeches, and then we all headed downstairs to be seated for the main event. Dinner was served (a Masterchef-worthy meal) and then the presenting of awards begun - hosted by the student's union education officer, Chloe Page, and the pro-vice chancellor for learning & teaching, Professor Peter Lambert.

There were 28 awards overall, and it was great for me to see that 8 students/staff from my department, pharmacy & pharmacology, were nominated. I received an 'academic representation engagement award', which basically meant I attended all the meetings and training that I was supposed to!

Without being part of the Gold Scholarship Programme, I never would have had the confidence to go to an event like this! I didn't know anyone else attending, so it was the perfect opportunity to practise the networking skills that we had learnt. I met some really lovely people, and even signed up to another volunteering opportunity through talking to people.

Posted in: Gold Scholarship Programme


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