Reflecting on First Year

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Woop woop! It's official, I have passed my first year of Pharmacy at Bath! The last year has gone SO fast, with many highs and some lows, so I thought I would take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights.

Let's start from Fresher's Week, where it all began. I lived on campus in halls called Westwood, in a flat of 22 people... that's a lot of people to get to know in one go! It was super intimidating at first, and I certainly didn’t get on with everyone, but I’ve now got the most amazing group of friends. Fresher’s Week is such an exciting experience. As someone who isn’t much of a party girl and isn’t a fan of drinking, I was worried I would be left behind. But there’s so much on offer aside from the club nights - I took part in loads of taster sessions for sports and societies, as well as quiz nights, movie nights and the infamous fresher’s fair (top tip: there’s no such thing as too many freebies).

Studying pharmacy, my timetable was very full on straight from the beginning. I really enjoyed everything that I learnt, but it was certainly hard work and a huge step up from A Level! I had exams in bath January and May, so getting my results and seeing that all my hard work had paid off was the best feeling.

I’ve already mentioned the fab group I’ve friends that I’ve made, and we definitely tried to make the most of our year in all the free time we had. Bath is SUCH a beautiful city so we spent lots of time exploring it - one of my favourite nights was when we played glow in the dark mini golf at Victoria Park, followed by the stunning Christmas markets. There’s lots on offer at the university too; we did a zombie apocalypse event, a fun run dressed as Santa for charity and lots of cocktail nights in the Student’s Union.

Without a doubt, being part of the Gold Scholarship Programme has been a huge impact on my year. It has given me so much more than just financial support - it’s given me confidence in myself and driven me to get involved with as much as possible at university. I’ve completed 50 hours of volunteering, doing various things such as a beach clean, painting a school classroom and being an academic representative for my course.  The Gold Away Day was an unforgettable experience too - we did a huge treasure hunt across London: read my blog about it!

As much as I love being at home, I’m really excited to get back in September - to move into my new accommodation in the city, to be reunited with my friends after 4 months, and to get on with another year of pharmacy. I’ve already started planning my volunteering ventures too; I’m helping my local hospice run their summer fete just before I go back to Bath and I’ll be helping out with the Baking Society throughout Fresher’s Week, as well as being a peer mentor to help the new pharmacy students settle in. Bring on Year 2!

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