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I’m really excited to have a record of my  placement year at Microsoft by writing these blogs, and I hope it makes for good reading too. I secured my placement at Microsoft in February 2018 after an initial online application, personality test, video interview and an assessment centre. My role is a ‘Technical Account Manager’ within the Services department of Microsoft UK (Don’t worry, I didn’t know what my role meant either). I work in their offices in Reading, UK.

At the time of writing this, I’ve spent four weeks on placement at Microsoft. I cannot believe how quickly that month has gone, and it’s made me more determined to make the most of my placement because I know the next year will fly by. I’m at the stage of my placement now where sometimes I have moments of feeling as if I know what I’m doing and I’m completely in control and other times I feel completely out of my depth! I’m told this is normal. Before I started my placement, one of my biggest worries was just not knowing what I’d be up to at the beginning (Would I have work to do? What type of work will it be? Will I need to use Excel??) so let me explain what my first weeks on placement have looked like as that might help alleviate any fears about being thrown in at the deep end when you first start a placement.

Week 1: As Microsoft have taken on 62 interns this year, we spent 3 days as a group which were filled with ice breaking activities and talks from different people in the business. These days were SO much fun and I didn’t feel as if I was at work at all. It actually felt quite a lot like freshers week, meeting so many new people and going out for drinks after work.

Week 2: The next 7 days were spent training with just the interns who work in the same bit of the business as me, a group of around 16 of us. These days were very content heavy, full of language we didn’t understand and by about day 3 I was too full of information to take on any more. This was made worse by the fact we were all sooo tired, the reality of getting up about 3.5 hours earlier than I did at uni fully hit me at this point. Although not particularly fun, this is a necessary part of joining any big organisation it seems.

Week 3: The following Monday was the first day that I was actually going to be in the office. In these first days I met my manager and all my various ‘Project Sponsors’ (people that I’d be doing some work for). I had real work to do from these first days in the office, and I think that has been why I enjoyed my placement from Day 1 because I felt useful!

Week 4: This week comprised of lots of meetings about the projects I’d be working on, lots of chats with last years cohort of interns that were still working at Microsoft to help with our onboarding and lots of coffees with colleagues who were keen to get to know the new interns. It was at this point that I finally got used to my alarm going off at 7am and I no longer felt so exhausted!

Needless to say, I have really enjoyed my first month on placement. Everyone has been so nice and I have had real work to do. Some elements of working for a large corporate organisation have been a bit of a shock to the system, but I feel more used to life at Microsoft with every day that passes.

Best bits of my first month: Meeting all 61 other interns and getting my first projects!

Worst bits of my first month: Having a lot of the training go in one ear and out the other! And the acronyms. So. Many. Acronyms.

Thank you for reading!


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