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Welcome Back!

This blog entry is dedicated to my transition back to university. I will tell you more about my busy summer schedule and the transition back to the academic setting following a year in industry.

Personal reflection

After completing a year working in industry as a full-time employee, I spent my summer reflecting on the invaluable learning experience that it provided and defining my long-term career aspirations through the means of the new skills I acquired. Having worked in a number of different departments across the organization and having truly immersed myself in the depths of the project, I am more convinced than ever that doing a placement as part of my studies was the right decision for me. Moreover, having the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the areas that are of greatest interest to me - the energy sector, and also the international strategy of a company, was really exciting for me. Spending the third component of my placement with EDF in Paris and having the opportunity to learn another language has not only contributed towards my personal and professional development but also motivated me to continue building upon my language skills. As a result of being exposed to learning a new language, I was inspired to continue developing my other language skills and decided to pursue a certificate in Spanish.


Following my placement with EDF-Energy and successfully obtaining my French Certificate DALF, I decided that I could use the skills which I picked up while studying for the exam and apply them to refining my fluency and abilities in other languages. As a result, I signed up for the Spanish DELE examination which will take place in mid-November in London. In order to prepare for it, I took a full-time summer course in Spain in order to fully immerse myself in a Spanish-speaking environment. I am still continuing to improve my Spanish language skills through online and Skype language classes as I feel really excited and motivated to achieve my goal. Moreover, I find learning new languages and exploring different cultures essential when studying International Management as the background of a country is usually very deeply intertwined with its ways of doing business. One cannot get a better understanding of how the businesses operate in a given country without devoting some time to experience the life there as it is.

Law Diploma

Since I am doing a part-time Law degree alongside my International Management studies, I also had to sit my Law exams during the summer. I successfully managed to take my exams and being on such a busy schedule definitely helped me prepare for the new academic year by improving my time management skills as I had to keep myself strictly organized in order to keep up with all my commitments.

Back to University

The academic year has now started and I am really happy to be back at university and very excited for my final year of studies of International Management. The modules I have chosen for this year were highly influenced by my placement and are all of great interest to me. With a clear mind and a set goal I am able to prepare myself for my next steps towards a career in the energy sector.





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