The Good, the Bad and the Right University

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The Good, the Bad and the Right University

The end of a semester brings a sigh of relief as everyone can enjoy the end of the academic term before the realisation that the examination period is about to kick in. Everyone talks about Christmas and you can’t go four feet without someone branding a Christmas coffee cup.

At this time two years ago, I was finalising my university choices, set on leaving home for academia, already worrying about whether I would be good enough to get it or whether I would fit in at the universities I had chosen. I know it is a stressful time, having gone through it myself, I realise the pressure that will be on the shoulders of many A level students, as I definitely bore that weight.

The thought of university life was also a daunting task, would I make friends? Would I understand the content? Would I be able to do laundry? Okay…maybe not that one but there were a lot of questions that I had on my mind about university life that hadn’t really been answered. Yes, I knew a lot of information about course studies but the personal side of it was something that I had not experienced.

I am Matt Pethybridge, a student blogger for the University of Bath. I am in the second year of my undergraduate course in Physics and I hope to answer some questions about university life by explaining my journey from A level to where I am now.

Choosing a Subject

The first thing, well the first I considered, was which course I would be doing at university. I knew I wanted to go down the science path, but which one was the best one for me. Physics immediately entices certain types of people, for others, even the word puts them to sleep. I am of the former, the concepts captivate me (and following that so does my degree). Not only does the content describe the natural world in which we live in, but the uses of this science are endless.

This is the most important aspect of a degree. You must love it. Why spend 3, 4, 5 years of life studying something because someone told you to do it? What would you gain? A lot of misery and doubt would be my answer. So, choosing the right course for you has to be the first step, then the next would be to find the universities that do that course which leads me onto the University of Bath.

The University of Bath

From coming from a small sixth form in a fairly small city I wanted to be able to adapt directly to the surroundings. The idea of a huge bustling city seemed almost daunting to me but on the other hand, I didn’t want to be out in the country on my own, far away from the nearest mobile phone signal.

The University of Bath was the one that stood out to me when looking through random prospectuses. The very green nature of the campus, alongside its setting in a beautiful city, seemed like the right fit for me. As soon as I went to the open day, there was no turning back. When walking around, feeling the University alive with people, I knew this was the university for me. All I had to do was apply. The grades for Physics were probably the highest I had seen apart from those required for Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge Universities). This gave me something to aim for, to focus on. Although the grades seem high that feeling motivated me to work harder and develop my knowledge to get those grades, which I did otherwise I wouldn’t be here now.

What Now?

I hope you enjoyed the first blog post of many.  Hopefully, I have answered some of the questions you had in the back of your mind, just like me and many other students did before they came to university.

In my next blog post, I will talk about settling into your university halls.

Posted in: Choosing a course, Faculty of Science, Why Bath?

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