It is one thing to select five universities to send applications to, but it is another to pour all your hopes into one when it comes to selecting your firm and insurance offers. When applying, I chose Bath as my firm choice, and Sussex as my insurance. However, it was a close call, which leads me to Lesson number 1: Go to open days. Before going to open days, I was certain that Sussex was the university for me. I loved the idea of being by the sea, with a city element, a highly ranked course, and not far from my home. But, when I went to the open day, it just didn’t feel right- despite seeming so great on paper! Lesson number 2: Don’t underestimate the power of intuition. 

So, why did I firm Bath?

  1. Distance from home

This was a key deciding factor when I was applying to different universities. Family and home friends are important to me and I knew I would want to come back fairly often. Both of my sisters went to universities only an hour from home, and I could definitely see the benefits. So firstly, I told myself not to apply anywhere more than a 2.5-hour drive away- which is what Bath is for me! Obviously, the importance of this factor differs between individuals, but you don’t want to receive your offers and only then realise that homesickness is going to ruin your experience.

  1. The School of Management only offers BSc, not BA…

Something to note is that the School of Management only offers Bachelor of Science degrees! Whilst this didn’t mean a whole lot to me when applying, I did notice that the same course at many other universities was Bachelor of Arts. Doing BSc or BA will give you the same amount of credit in the long run (a degree is a degree, after all), but I did think that a BSc could give me a more analytical and practical perspective into my subject.

  1. The course looked very promising

On the topic of my course - Management with Marketing - it was a no-brainer to choose the University that was no.1 in this field. Which leads to Lesson number 3: Look at the course ranking of the university, not just its general UK ranking! Alongside this, I saw that Bath had partnerships with some great companies - both big and small- for placement year. I knew this would be vital because the field of business is so competitive when it comes to seeking employment.

  1. The city was a winner

I was excited to live in a city because coming from a small town I wasn’t used to having lots of things to do and see in surrounding areas. But, being in close proximity to London, I also knew I couldn’t handle the stress of such an intense, bustling location. Bath, however, was the perfect compromise. An easy to navigate city centre, with plenty of shops and restaurants, yet also surrounded by beautiful architecture and the countryside? This was right for me.

So, I had made the decision. Bath it was. But what about once I had arrived?

Why I don’t regret choosing Bath…

The Christmas Snow Ball

Expectations always differ from reality. This can, of course, be a positive or negative thing. Thankfully, it was positive in my case. Something I have been very grateful for when studying at Bath is its easy transport links to other cities like Bristol and London. It’s always good to be able to go to different places every once in a while! In terms of the University itself, there are an abundance of Sports Clubs and Societies to join and events to be involved in. I joined the Badminton society and also Women in Business, both of which I will talk more about in future posts. Societies are a great way to try new things in a welcoming environment free of judgement. As for events, the University hosts a range of these throughout the year - like the SnowBall at Christmas - but you can also take advantage of events within the city - like the fireworks on Bonfire Night.

My biggest advice to you is to think hard before deciding on your firm choice of university, and weigh up all factors! The things that might seem small to you now, like distance from home or placement opportunities, could be the biggest and most important things to you in the future. But overall, Bath - to me - has not been a disappointment!

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  • Interesting blog! This blog highlights that what will be an important factor in the decision making process for one person, won't be for another. Making a list like this could be really useful for prospective students struggling to make a choice. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Francesca, thank you very much- It is definitely easy for prospective students to be too influenced by others when making University choices, when in reality what is right for one person may not be a perfect fit for another. I definitely recommend list making!