One of the most wonderful things about studying at the University of Bath, is you get to see a whole load of the incredible scenery that surrounds the city. I’d love nothing more than to describe to you where some of the best adventures are around this wonderful city, with the help of some Vlogs I’ve made.

Warleigh Weir

The first stop is Warleigh Weir, a 20-25 minute walk from most accommodation on campus. The scenic route takes you past the astro-turfs, playing fields and the Cats and Dogs Home down a small and quiet road towards the bottom of the valley. Along the walk, you get to see some of the luscious green views of the countryside surrounding our campus. A short trip over some train tracks (via a crossing of course!) takes you towards the river's edge whereby you are greeted with the sight of the Weir. Here you can swim, chill, barbeque and make amazing sunny (cold if you swim) memories with your friends!

Alexandra Park

This is possibly the best viewpoint of the whole city. It is a 15-20 minute walk from Bath Spa station, using the underpass to cross the A36 roundabout, take the Holloway road moving uphill following the signs leading to Alexandra Park. Halfway up the road, you take a sharp left turn moving you onto a set of steep stairs, not worth trying to rush up these like I had to in the video! At the top of the steps, take a left turn which will bring you into the Park ready to watch the sunset. Perfect romantic setting too if you’re struggling for date ideas!

Canal Walks

There are many routes you can walk the canal, some even taking you all the way to Bristol if you’re feeling adventurous. Along these journeys you get to see all the cute architecture Bath has to offer, not least it is very easy terrain to walk and follow. Excellent indeed for a variety of activities ranging from an evening stroll to a full day's adventure! Also great for a bike ride too. Take a look at some of the possible routes using this link: 

I hope I can inspire some of you to get outdoors and look at some of the amazing things you can do around the University here in Bath. Not many places have so many awesome things to offer as we do!

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