Whilst you’re adapting to that 9-5 life, it can be easy to forget that you’ll be returning to university for a final year. To make sure you don’t miss anything I’ve compiled some tips:

  1. Check your placement page on Moodle

This is a great place to check out the deadlines you have for the year, any useful contacts and any details of the pre-placement sessions and information you’ll have received in second year. Throughout the year if you have any issues or concerns, this is often the best place to check

2. Make sure you’ve noted down deadlines!

With psychology we had a few deadlines throughout the year, some of which were due early on into placement. I added them to the calendars on my phone and on my placement timetable so that throughout the year I ensured that I allowed plenty of time to work on them

3. Don’t forget to look for housing in Bath

I mentioned this in a previous post, but housing in Bath is notoriously competitive, and just because you’re on placement this year doesn’t mean you don’t need to get somewhere sorted. Once deciding who to live with we contacted estate agents to find out which properties they would have available, and found a weekend early on when we were free to view some houses. It pays off to be organised!

4. Consider registering for a doctors where you’re living

If you’ve moved away for your placement year you may find that registering at a doctors where you’re on placement is useful. My local doctors allowed to register temporarily if I needed an appointment which was SO helpful, but if you’re prone to getting ill then changing and being registered there permanently may be the best option. You can alway re-register when you get back to Bath!

5. Stay in touch with your friends from uni!

It can be so hard to find the time to keep on top of everything but I think it’s really helpful to catch up with your friends from uni. I found it really helpful to meet up with them to hear how everyone’s placements were going, and also to support each other going through similar things. Even if you’re far away on placement, a FaceTime or a text might really help a friend having a tough day!

6. Don’t forget to check your emails

Your university email address will still be active, and if you don’t check it regularly you could miss all sorts of useful information, like arranging your placement visit. We were emailed telling us to pick our modules for final year, for example, which is definitely something you don’t want to realise you’ve missed months later!

7. Don’t forget you’re still part of the uni!

You can get involved with different roles and opportunities, especially for in your final year. Most elections will take place whilst you’re on placement, but this doesn’t have to stop you. If something requires an interview just explain that you’re on placement as it can probably be adapted, such as doing it through Skype


I hope these tips helped! I’ve now finished my placement and am very excited for a long summer before returning to university in September!


Laura x

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