Bath’s offer was the highest...but I wanted to push myself

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I decided to apply to Bath after coming to the Open Day. At the time, I planned to go to another university and was choosing others to put on my UCAS application. However, when I arrived at Bath I was struck by the infectious enthusiasm of the Physics lecturers and students.

I also loved the fact that the campus was compact and easy to get around (which is great when you have an early lecture).

I was lucky to receive offers from all 5 of my UCAS choices. Bath’s offer was the highest and I was a bit worried about choosing it as my firm choice but I wanted to push myself to achieve it. I knew choosing a lower offer would mean I wouldn't try as hard to get the best A level grades I could. Also, I knew that I had the back up of my insurance choice, which was still a really good university, just not my first choice.

In the end, I chose the university in which I could picture myself at and where I would enjoy my time.

The morning of my results was very busy. I had a family wedding the same day, so I was rushing around getting everything prepared when a message came through on my phone from friends saying that UCAS results were out. I quickly rushed to my laptop not telling my mum or dad and loaded up the website. To my surprise, I got into the University of Bath.

It turns out I did miss my offer slightly, but I was accepted onto the course anyway, which was amazing.

My sixth form didn’t release our results online as most do, so after going in to collect my results at 9 am (the earliest they allowed us to arrive) I realised that I hadn't quite met the grades needed for my offer. I was still thrilled as it wasn’t really about the grades, it was about doing everything I could to get into the university I wanted and I knew that I had tried my best to achieve this.

Being at Bath has exceeded my expectations in every way and I haven't looked back since. I really enjoy the course and being able to study modules that will help me to work towards my career goal of being a medical physicist. I really enjoy Bath’s campus, and it’s great to be living in such a friendly and unique city.

Posted in: Clearing and Adjustment, Undergraduate, Why Bath?

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