How To Survive Freshers' Week

Feeling excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time?

Don’t worry, it’s normal! Although Freshers’ Week seems like a lifetime ago for me now, I still remember the weird mix of emotions before diving into my first week at uni.

A week before moving in weekend, as I packed my clothes and kitchen things, I wondered what university life was going to be like. Other people had told me stories of uni, but otherwise, I didn’t really know what to expect.

The thought of having to make new friends, get myself familiar with the uni as well as prep for the start of my course was a bit overwhelming.

You may or may not be panicking a little like I did, but here are my tips on how to survive Freshers’ Week.

Expect the unexpected

At the beginning of uni, things won’t be smooth sailing. Events pop up out of nowhere and you might find yourself running from Freshers’ Fair to the Skyline Walk to an introductory lecture to pizza night to the arena night…

*takes a deep breath *

Freshers’ can get a little hectic so don’t forget to give yourself some time to relax away from other people.

Plan ahead

With all the excitement and fun during the week, it’s easy to forget that there are 12 more weeks after that before you get a break for Christmas.

Use your money wisely – I know it’s tempting but don’t blow your loan in the first month – and try to budget as much as you can.

The same goes for food. Here are some recipe ideas from BBC Goodfood to save you from living on beans on toast for the year! (P.s. I’ve bookmarked that webpage so rest assured that it’s tried and tested😆)

Watch the video below for more of my tips on surviving Freshers’ Week!


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