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If you’re anything like me a year ago, you might be thinking: ‘an Applicant Visit Day? But I already went to an Open Day!’ when you receive your email invitation to this event. So before I launch into the intricacies of an AVD, I want to clarify three things:

  1. No, an Applicant Visit Day (AVD) is not the same as an open day. Whilst at an open day you get a general feel for the university, an AVD allows you to find out more about your course specifically, hence what it is like to be a management student.
  2. Yes, it is worth coming to an AVD! (And no, I’m not saying this out of bias...) Coming to an AVD is the perfect opportunity to talk to current management students and ask all those questions that are keeping you up at night (you know it’s true, I’ve been there).
  3. I promise that an AVD will help you in your decision-making process if you are torn between university offers. The open days you went to when applying are most likely in the past now. But lucky for you, attending an AVD can be a great way to remind yourself why you applied in the first place.

So what is an AVD?

An AVD is an event for all students that have been offered a place to study (in this case, a management degree) at the University of Bath. The School of Management AVDs start from February but some other courses run their AVDs as early as December. It is an opportunity to revisit the campus, learn about the course, meet fellow potential course mates, and talk to student ambassadors that study your course specifically. It’s a chance to get all the information you need to aid your university decision-making process. Not to forget, once the AVD is finished, you have the excuse to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the beautiful City of Bath!

What does an AVD involve?

This year there were four key components of the Management AVD:

  • Programme presentation

What modules will you study? How is the degree structured? See some examples of the units you will study.

  • Campus and Accommodation tour

An opportunity to view a selection of the housing options ready for when you apply for accommodation.

  • Placements presentation

What opportunities are available to you?

  • An opportunity to network

With current and potential students. 

I personally believe that AVD’s are more valuable than Open Days for university choices, as it is the most personalised approach you can get. It is for these reasons that I strongly recommend attending your AVD, but to understand what the day is all about a bit better, watch this video!


Posted in: Applicant Visit Day, School of Management, Undergraduate


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