What is studying sociology like?

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What is studying sociology like?

If I got £1 for every time someone answered with “hmm interesting…” when I told them I study sociology, I’d be rich.

I’m not joking at all.😂

Sociology is one of those subjects that nobody really understands… which is why I’m here to change that!

This post is for you if you want to know what studying sociology is like at the University of Bath.

The discipline is so broad and varied that it’s hard to come up with an accurate, yet concise definition but, in short, sociology tries to understand and provide explanations of the relationships people have with each other and society.

Here are a few of the best things about sociology:

1. It's extremely relatable to the real world

As opposed to things like maths (sorry to any mathematicians out there), you can immediately see how the concepts are played out in real life.

For example, Goffman’s theory of ‘dramaturgy’ is the idea that, in life, we are actors performing to an audience; when we go ‘backstage’ (i.e. home), we can relax and be our 'real' selves.

If you studied sociology at A level, you will be familiar with the theories and ideas that you will explore in the first year. However, if you didn't study it at A level, don't worry because the first year is all about getting everyone up to speed!

2. You have less exams

If you’re anything like me, I definitely prefer coursework over exams. Of course, this depends on the university, but at Bath, the emphasis is on coursework.

This means that you get a lot more time to prepare and organise your readings before the assignment deadlines.

3. The course is tailored to you

One of the reasons why I decided to study sociology at the University of Bath is because the course is really flexible. Even in the first year, we had 4 optional units over the whole year which gave us the chance to pick topics that really interested us.

My favourite unit in the first year was definitely “Thinking cross-culturally”. I do have to say that I’m really enjoying the options this year (second year) too. “Social concepts of humans, monsters and machines” is my favourite. Click here to find out the units that are currently running for sociology! Yours might be different so please check the course pages for the most up-to-date course information.

If you have any questions about sociology or the course here, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

Watch the video to follow me through my week of lectures!

Posted in: Choosing a course, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Undergraduate

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