Five Things to do at Bath Christmas Market

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

It is the magical month of the year, December. I have been waiting for this month since I came here to study. I have never been to any Christmas markets in my life. I was so excited because it is the second biggest market in the UK. There are over 180 chalets spread out across Bath's streets. It started the 28th of November and ends on 15th December this year (2019).

Take a look at the video above to see what we got up to as we explored the Christmas Market, went ice skating and sampled all sorts of culinary delights.

Bath Christmas Market is definitely something that students like us cannot miss. The roads and streets are decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. There is a Christmas tree in front of Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths and I can say that it is certianly a magical time of the year.

I want to tell you guys about five things you should not miss at Bath Christmas Market.

  1. Try mulled wine! To be honest, I have never seen anyone drinking or ordering mulled wine in a restaurant before. However, mulled wine is a drink that British people enjoy during Christmas time! It is made from red wine with other spices such as cinnamon, lemon, orange and others. My friends and I tried it for the first time and loved it. It is the hot red wine that really matches the Christmas atmosphere.
  2.  Try some Cheese! What is better than homemade cheese and Christmas? There is a lot of cheese for you to choose, importantly, you can ask the seller for samples. Some of the shops are award-winning and their cheese is made by cheese artisans. Trust me, cheese is a lovely Christmas present.
  3.  Buy Christmas ornaments! One of the purposes of the Christmas market is for people to buy decorations for their house. Christmas is a big thing for British people and it is at this time of the year people spend time with their families, decorating their home together. There are a lot of lovely Christmas ornaments such as handmade Christmas baubles or wooden ornaments.
  4.  Try food along the Christmas Market! There is a lot of food to try, such as Fish and Chips, Burgers, and British pork and crispy roast potatoes. They are all excellent and tasty! If you are craving for sweets, there are churros, brownies, cakes and fudge as well.
  5.  Ice Skating! During the Christmas period, there is a Bath on Ice, which is the Ice-Skating rink at the Royal pavilion. It is a thing that students like us could not miss. Let's have fun!


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