Adulting at Uni

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Welcome to The Deep End! (aka. the adult world)

In order to help you keep yourself afloat in this new adventure of adulting at uni, I’ve reflected on my own experiences and pulled together a few of my best tips!


Shopping can be time-consuming but food (and water and sleep) is actually crucial to your survival at university – if you haven’t realised already.

Some people dread the thought of shopping but honestly, I find it to be the perfect excuse to not write that essay or to have a trip out of the house on a gloomy day!

However, if you’re not a fan of trekking to Sainsbury’s or Lidl, online groceries will be your saviour. I used to use Tesco in the first year and I also recently tried Hello Fresh, which is a grocery subscription service which delivers pre-packed ingredients for meals you’ve chosen for that week.


This is my least favourite chore ever. My advice to you is to only do washing when you’re running out of underwear (not joking!).

One thing to note is that washing machines/dryers use up a lot of electricity so be mindful of how much you use them if you want to save some money.

An alternative to using a dryer is to use a clothes rack. If you do, make sure you air the room well in case mould starts to build!


Ah, the dreaded bills… They’re not as bad as you’d think! All you have to do is track all your bills. My housemates and I use an app called Splitwise – it’s a simple way to have everything in one place and avoid the awkward conversation about who hasn’t paid their share yet.

A smart meter is also super handy if you have one. It will tell you how much you’ve spent for the day in electricity and gas which is helpful for your wallet and budget planning.

Here’s a warning if you use an electric heater – they eat up electricity like no other. If you must use it, make sure you turn it off when you’re done or you’ll end up paying a lot on your bill!

Watch my video below for more tips!

Posted in: Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Undergraduate

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