How To Deal With Placement Rejections + Going Back To University

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What’s worse than getting a rejection? Getting rejection, after rejection, after rejection…

Or worse, just not hearing back at all.

If you’re going through this right now, I totally understand.

It can be crushing to have worked so hard on an application, perfected your cover letter… just to be told you were “unsuccessful”.

Long story short, I started looking for placements feeling upbeat, sending applications off left, right and centre. Though I’d gone through to the interview stage a few times, I never heard back from some of the companies I’d applied to.

Then, the situation with COVID-19 rolled around and, in May, I realised that it would be the wiser decision to return to university to continue to the final year since many companies probably wouldn’t have the capacity to hire an intern.

I started documenting my journey since October 2019 so watch the video below for my full experience!

So, in the light of that, here are my 3 tips to deal with rejection and disappointment:

  1. It’s not about you

The moment you receive the news of rejection or disappointment, it can be hard to take. You might even feel personally hurt and take it to heart.

Here’s the deal, it’s not actually about you at all. At the end of the day, the company is trying to find the best fit for the position. It doesn’t reflect the effort that you put in, nor does it reflect who you are or your worth.

  1. Rejection is redirection

This was one of the most game-changing things that I realised that helped me deal with the fact, that my carefully thought-out plans, had gone out of the window.

It’s all about perspective. Like I mentioned, imagine if you were picked for the position, only to realise that you didn’t like it! In some ways, You weren’t to be there anyway, not the best fit. It can be frustrating when you thought it was the perfect role.

  1. Keep going

I know, I know. Bit of a cliché answer, but honestly if you do get rejected, so what? Is the world going to end? No. Will your dreams come crumbling down? Realistically, no.

So, what’s stopping you from putting yourself out there? In fact, “rejection” is a normal part of life that can either propel you or hinder you. You can choose what it does for you 🙂

As mentioned, I actually documented my placement journey in the video below so watch it to hear my experience as well as more tips on how to find a placement or internship!

Posted in: Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, Placements

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