Top 5 Moments and Memories at Bath

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It is no doubt that this year has been a trying time for everyone at Bath. With strikes in both semesters, and the closure due to COVID-19, it might be hard to look back and see the fond memories of my only year as a PG student. However, I will never forget my year at Bath, through the good and the bad, the friends I made, and the support from my programme has helped me remember the good times. My top five memories and moments at Bath are definitely a mix of academic recreational.

Counting down from 5, here are my top 5 moments and memories from my PG year at Bath.

#5: Bath at Christmas

This may be cliche, but the Bath Christmas markets were definitely a sight to behold. Visiting for the day is one thing, but actually getting to live your Love Actually Christmas fantasy anytime you went to Sainsbury's; now that is something else. It was a never ending holiday fest, and it could even turn the biggest scrooge into a Christmas lover. And it is always nice to have a cup of mulled wine to get in the Christmas spirit.

#4: Royal Victoria Park picnics

I was lucky enough to live right along the river path, so my view on the way to the bus stop every morning, was worth the 10am start. During lockdown, when everything seemed dreary, the sun was always shining. A short 5 minute walk from my student accommodation, and I was in the center of Royal Victoria Park. A nice place to socially distance and have a break from the revision blues. It is nice to have a vast green space to escape the city at a moments notice.

#3: Christmas Masquerade Ball

The masked ball in December was definitely a highlight of this year. From the pre-drinks all the way till the final song, it was nice to meet so many people and have a dance with my newly made course friends. It was nice to have something to do together before the Winter Break and the revision period set in.

#2: Bottomless Brunch at Aqua

Before the dawn of COVID-19 and for a January assessments completion celebration, my course friends and I went to Aqua for some bottomless brunch. The 2 course breakfast, along with the delightful service and of course the Prosecco, allowed for a joyous day of post essay stress release. This was definitely a great last memory before we all went our separate ways for lockdown.

#1: International Development Pub Quiz

Everyone loves a pub quiz. Throughout lockdown there has been a rise of Zoom quizzes. However, the International Development programme was lucky enough to fit in one last in-person quiz at The Cork after our January assessments. Accompanied by our director of studies and various lecturers, our course pub quiz was hosted by my course mate and myself. We had an International Development themed round, along with some classic quiz rounds for everyone to get into and enjoy. This mix of academia and recreational fun was definitely the highlight of my year as a PG student. Any other pub trip can happen at anytime in any city, but one with your lecturers is definitely one night that has summed up my whole PG year.


Overall, throughout the trials and tribulations of 2019/2020, my time at Bath definitely had some highlights that wouldn't have happened if if I never came to Bath.

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