For those of you who are lucky enough to be paid for your placement, I am jealous! Working an unpaid 9-5 job can be tough on our finances, especially as students. Earning some extra cash is always something I have been interested in, even when I am working a full time job.

Getting a part time job may be possible for some, such as a week day evening / weekend café or bar job. Dog walking or babysitting is another easy way of getting some money. There are lots of different apps in which you can get paid to complete surveys. However, it isn’t a lot of money… a 5 minute survey may only get you 50p. They vary but most also ask questions at the start such as your age, job, whereabouts you live etc., so you may get rejected for some. But, they do say every little helps! and it definitely adds up.

Tutoring; online or in person, is also a great way to get some money. This could be a subject you did at A-Level, or even just English. You could arrange this yourself by posting it on social media, or do it through websites specific to tutoring. Becoming an ambassador for different events and companies can earn you some extra cash. I was an ambassador in first and second year for Bath Uni! I attended training and university open day’s one in person and the others online and got paid.

For me it isn’t possible to get a part-time job currently. I attend the gym after work, the weekends I see my friends and family, have some ‘me time’, do my weekly food shop and the rest I sleep, as I am soooo exhausted! But when I have free time, I would love to be earning some extra cash!

You may or may not have heard about ‘The Waiting Game’ app. This app provides one off shifts. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to commit to a part time job; you can pick up a variety of different shifts when and where you want. It is a very flexible system, and you don’t have a contract. You can get bonuses through a variety of ways such as, arriving 15 minutes early to every shift to check in on the app. If you work 10 shifts a month you get a £10 bonus. However, the downside of the waiting game is that the jobs are located mainly in Bristol, with the occasional shift in Exeter, London or Cardiff. Although, there may be apps like the waiting game for other cities.

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