What it's like to live on campus as a Second-Year Student

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I am a disabled student and live in university-managed accommodation in the second-year of my undergraduate degree. All undergraduate disabled students are potentially eligible to live in university-managed accommodation in the second and final years of their degree.

How I felt living on campus in my Second-Year

Living on campus during my second year was reassuring. Knowing that I could live in a safe, suitable environment throughout my degree calmed my anxiety about finding accommodation in my second and final years. It's convenient to get from A to B from lectures and events not to have to stress about buses/ bus prices, too. It's also really easy to get to the library, and it encourages me to study more!

Was there enough accommodation options to fit my needs?

The Reslife Allocations Team will ask and possibly speak to you about your preferences and try their best to stick to them. You can always request to speak to a member or staff if you have particular concerns.

When did I have to apply for Second-Year accommodation?

Deadlines may alter year-to-year, but it was at the end of January this year. You will apply, the Disability Services will review your application, and then you will find out whether your application has been accepted or declined. Shortly after, accommodation services will ask you your preferences. Later in the year, you will find out what room you have been allocated. As said, accommodation services will try to keep your preferences in mind.

Do I feel part of a community in my Second-Year Accommodation?

I still feel like I am part of a community while living on campus! There are always buses to the city that are pretty regular, so I can meet friends who live in the city centre or Oldfield Park, and there are plenty of social things to do on campus & in the city! It is also really easy to get involved with social activities since I live near where it is all happening!

Am I living on campus in my final year?

Yes! Living on campus meant that my student life is much less stressful and that my student experience is enhanced. I can live in a suitable environment as a disabled student; this is something I will forever value from the University of Bath.

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