Do you cycle to work, or are you thinking you might?

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Then you should join the Bicycle Users Group mailing list!

Please email Saskia if you’d like to be added. You may also want to join if you want to take up cycling.

If you’re on the mailing list you’ll receive a short survey this summer to ask for your input on how you think we can improve the facilities.

The Bicycle Users Group mailing list can be used by any member to talk about anything cycling-related.

The list is friendly and supportive with discussion on topics from the best place to get your bike fixed, which local shops give a 15% staff discount, and best routes to campus.

It’s not a busy mailing list; usually only a couple of messages per month.

I represent bicycle users at the University’s Transport Strategy Consultative Working Group and will ask for your input and report back through the mailing list.

It would be helpful to get more people who cycle to work on the mailing list, so I can represent your views better at the Transport Strategy Consultative Working Group, so please spread the word!

Happy cycling!

Saskia Heijltjes, Web Content Editor, Faculty of Science

Posted in: Cycling