Theft of catalytic converters from vehicles parked on campus

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Between 7.45am and 9.50pm on Tuesday 8 October 2019, catalytic converters were stolen from two vehicles on campus. One of the vehicles was parked in East car park and the other in 4S car park.

Catalytic converters form part of a vehicle’s exhaust system and contain valuable metals, which have a high scrap value and can attract attention from thieves. The catalytic converters are unlawfully removed by using an electric saw or similar on the underside of a vehicle.

Please be vigilant and if you see any suspicious activity around any parked vehicles then please contact Security immediately on 01225-383999 (Emergency number) or 01225-385349 (Non-Emergency number). We are working with the local police to address this issue.

For more information about the theft of catalytic converters can be found here.



Posted in: Car parking on campus