Cleveland Bridge: Update October 2021

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Cleveland Bridge will remain closed to HGVs but will re-open to vehicles under two metres in width from 6:00am on 25 October 2021 .

Traffic light controls and the two-metre width restriction are being put in place as part of the staged re-opening of the bridge.

Pedestrians, cyclists and cars can use the bridge which is undergoing extensive repairs. However due to the safety-critical nature of the work vehicles over two-metres wide including HGVs will be kept off the structure.

Temporary supports have been installed under the bridge deck to enable crucial sections of the bridge to be repaired and this means only carefully managed traffic can cross.

An exception has been made for emergency vehicles, which will be able to access the bridge via a gate specifically for their use.

Diversion routes for all other vehicles and through traffic on the A36 via South Gloucestershire are available on the council’s Cleveland Bridge webpage:

Posted in: Road closures