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Reporting Teaching Room Faults

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We have a vey quick way to report faults in teaching rooms:

Open a web browser and go to:


Click on "Use Self-Service Portal"

Log in as usual- if you need to.

Then click:


And finally click:


This will give you a form that will allow you to tell us if there is a problem with the AV Equipment or anything else about the rooms that may be causing an issue.

It will automatically get assigned to one of our staff to look at, and you can keep track of the call all in the same interface.


Re:View migration - complete

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The Re:view service has been migrated to a new server, for which the web address has now changed. (Please see for the previous announcement)

Users viewing content through the Re:View block on Moodle pages do not need to do anything, they should still be able to access content as before.

If you previously accessed recorded content via the web address please now use the new address


This also applies to the Windows and Mac recorder applications, for which you will need to change the server address as per the instructions here:

Users on Managed PCs who do not have administration rights will need to contact their IT supporter to do this for you.


If you have embedded content or weblinks to Re:view content in your web sites or Moodle pages you will need to change the address in order for this to continue to work, so where a link is written as:”xxxxx” where “xxxxx” is an ID number referencing the session

Please change to:”xxxxx”

Please contact a.v.bookings if you require any assistance with this process.



BoB (Box of Broadcasts) for Students

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Featured Service: Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

What is BoB?


BoB is an off-air recording service with a massive archive of over 1 million television programmes, radio programmes, and films that have been aired on 60+ UK terrestrial channels since 2007.

You can schedule future recordings, or identify programmes that have been aired in the last 30 days that they would like to record. Essentially, BoB is a very big recorder that allows you to have a recording of something - even if you missed it...... You have 30 days to catch it before it will not be available.

Unlike some individual TV streaming services, BoB will keep these recording indefinitely and you can search across all channels at once. You can also fast-forward past adverts and many programmes have subtitles and searchable transcripts. The material will be available for you for as long as you're at the University.

The user-friendly system allows you to record and catch-up on missed programmes on and off-campus, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into Moodle, share what you are watching with others, search a growing archive of material, plus more..... Plus you can even link it to social media....

Key features and functions:

Watch programmes from the archive
Record programmes
Create clips to use in lectures and assignments
Create & share playlists
One-click citations
Embed videos into presentations
Over 10 foreign language channels, including French, German and Italian
30 day recording buffer to record missed programmes
Apple iOS compatibility – watch BoB on handheld devices
Searchable programme transcripts
Links to social media to share what you’re watching online

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) Upgraded

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Over the last week BoB has been upgraded. BoB is a large video and radio recorder that you can use - in a similar way to iPlayer - except the recordings never expire!

Last week's post showed how we can use BoB to source materials from the TV and Radio for use in teaching.

New Features to be aware of are:

1. A faster, more responsive website. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to ensure  iOS device users have a much improved interface. The desktop experience is better too.

2. Run Workflow. A new feature available with administrator approval that allows users to create an iOS friendly version of programmes that previously would not play on mobile devices.

3.  Customise MyBoB. Users can arrange Programmes, Clips and Playlist areas in their preferred order

4.  Old “My programmes”. If you used BoB National before January 2014, you will now have a playlist called Old My Programmes. This contains the historical content of my MyBoB from the previous incarnation of BoB National. Now, the My Programmes area will only contain programmes that you have recorded since the move to Imagen Web 3.2 in January 2014. Please inform your users of the change.

5. Share your playlists: MyBoB includes multiple options to share your playlist.

6. Related records feature. Each programme record will contain information and links to other episodes available in the archive

It's possible to use BoB to embed clips into moodle:

From the programme's page - select - "Embed as Code"-  This will give you the code you should use for embedding the player in a VLE or webpage. It is compatible with both Blackboard and Moodle. You can also tweet the universal url using the "tweet" button which is also located beneath the player.

The full channel list of the channels that can be recorded are here:

For further information on the BoB service, please click the link below:



Sourcing TV and Radio materials for teaching


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The University has use of the BoB (Box of Broadcasts) to source material from the TV and Radio.


BoB enables all staff and students in subscribing institutions to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely (no expiry) and added to a growing media archive (currently at over 1 million programmes).

There are extensive tutorials on their website of how to use the system:

The channel source list is extensive:

  • Digital Freeview
  • News/ Current Affairs
  • Regional
  • Foreign Language
  • Radio

It also includes many of the UK regional variations from the Digital freeview services.

The BoB system will cite programmes correctly for you (referencing), and you can create specific clips of programmes to embed in presentations.
You can also embed a link directly into moodle if you want to do so.

The University's BoB contact is the Service Manager (AV) - Rob Hyde. Please contact Rob if you would like to know any more about it.