Top Tips for Working in Isolation

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Well, this has started as a strange week and today it’s raining. Talking to folk, people are feeling really “in limbo”. With no sign of the end of lockdown, motivation is difficult, lone working even lonelier, new forms of assessments are coming - and still nobody knows how the next few months are going to look.

Here are some top tips from University academics in a zoom conference this morning:

  1. Dealing with the uncertainty about the future
    1. Deal with the things you can control
    2. Recognise that things are changing.
  2. Work life balance is always a challenge for some. So, it is tough now.  Be gentle with ourselves.  This is tearing up the present fabric of our lives. Let us understand each other.
  3. Working at home - separate workspace from home space. Choose different areas – “follow the sun”.
  4. Emails
    1. 3 times a day only - 9, 12, 5
    2. Turn it off in between – do not have notifications on. Watch distractions
    3. Write the difficult thing first thing before opening emails
  5. Rediscover weekends.  Reintroduce a sense of space.  Walks with nature,
  6. Communication, communication, communication. Value of face to face
  7. Keep communications transparent and open
  8. Try and make a schedule – but be gentle if you do not keep it
  9. Dealing with perfection and morale – If you strive for perfection you will be disappointed. If you strive for excellence you can be encouraged.
  10. Tiredness
    1. Have occasional “screen free” days
    2. Allow time to digest
    3. Time for the “Aha” moments
    4. Exercise – fitness
  11. Reading books – let the imagination run.  Other lives…

God bless our striving


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